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    Editable ESL Crocodile Board Game Template Download The Crocodile Board game is ideal for activities that you do not want to take too long. It is quite a flexible game whose rules can be changed to extend the game or add more language. In this game, you need dice and chips. Players roll the dice and advance according to the number that shows up. If they land on the crocodile, they go back to start. If they land on the monkey they jump to an indicated number.

    They use words in the game to make sentences, ask questions or do whatever language skill the teacher wants them to practice. See the samples below and download the template to create customized games for your students.

Printable game

Editable ESL Football Board Game Template Download This football game is ideal for activities that require students to collocate words and make sentences. It is therefore a great vocabulary and grammar practice game. Give your ESL/EFL students communicative practice while having fun. In this game there are CUE WORDS and MAIN TEXTS. Players try to combine a CUE WORD at the side with a MAIN TEXT in the middle to make sentences. It can be used to practice all sorts of language skills. Look at some samples here to see the endless opportunities for language practice you can have with this game. Don't worry! It is easy with our video tutorials.
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Free printable game