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    Paper & Pencil Games Battleships - a game for two players. Each player requires a pen or pencil and a copy of the sheet with both maps. Each player then places their sheet of themselves so it cannot be overlooked by his opponent. Each player has the following forces: 2 heavy gun batteries, 1 anti-aircraft, 1 ammunition dump, 1 battleship, 2 cruisers, 2 submarines, 1 aircraft carrier, 4 aircraft.

    Each player marks the position of his/her own forces on the upper map by outlining the squares in any position they choose. Each force may be placed vertically or horizontally but once the game has begun the positions can not be altered. Also forces can only be placed according to the following rules: the land forces may only be positioned on land, the sea force may only be positioned on sea, aircraft may be positioned on land, on sea or land sea, land/sea, any of the force may touch the extreme edges of the map, no force can touch another force, so there must be at least one blank square between neighbouring forces.

Printable game

HOW TO PLAY Players now take one shot each, in turn, (player to start being decided by the toss of a coin). To take a shot. a player calls out the co-ordinates of the square he/she wishes to hit by using the number and letter reference of that square. for example the reference F-11 will strike the bottom left hand corner of the land peninsula. His or her opponent must then inform him whether the shot was a hit or miss depending on whether that square is occupied by one of their forces. The player firing the shot then marks the square in question on the lower map using a stroke "/" or "-" for a miss or an "H" or star for a hit. The opponent may also find it useful to keep a record on their own upper map of where their opponent has fired...
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