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    Paper & Pencil Games on Samurai - The object of the game is to control the islands of Japan through the support of its people - peasants, clerics and warriors. This game map works with two to four players. Each player will need a distinctive colour pen.
    Instructions Placement of Resources - Players alternate, placing a F, P or T onto the shaded areas of the map. These represent the resources that the players are vying for. As the players place resources they should be crossed off from the list. (2 players should not go beyond the first dark line, 3 players should not go beyond the second dark line). The first resources in each line are already allocated to the hex in the middle island. Note that the shaded hexes containing a "2" must be given two resources but these resources must be different.
    Once resources are on the map the players try to gain control of these resources by playing any of the 20 tiles indicated on the map. These are played by writing the appropriate letter for the tile type (S, P, W, C, B or R) and the strength. Since a tile may only played once, the player must cross off that tile from the list using his/her colour...

    Once a resources is surrounded it by tiles it is allocated to the player with the most influence over that resource or not allocated at all if there is a tie. This is done by drawing indicating the allocation in the columns available and crossing the resource of the game map.

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In the example the Green player gets control of the Temple (total influence 4 - from the 4C ) but the Fort is unallocated since both red and green have 4 influence - Red: 2W + 2B, Green 4W...
    Note that Samurais, Boats and Ronin influence all resources whereas Peasants, Warriors and Clerics only influence the resources with which they are associated.
    If a player plays a boat or ronin, he or she can immediately play again - but may only play a maximum of twice in a given turn.
    Finally each player may, once per game, play the swap or change tiles. Swap allows one of the existing played tiles to be used a second time and Change allows the player to exchange two resources with each other (still following the rule that two resources of the same type may not be in the same hex...
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