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    Paper & Pencil Games on We have a growing collection of Easter games for your children and family - some printable, some not! We also have ideas for your Easter egg hunt, so that you can adapt it for all ages.
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    Transport Dominoes Print out our transport dominoes game and play just like ordinary dominoes. The tiles are large and the graphics are fun so that young children (especially boys!) will enjoy them. To make the game last longer you could laminate the tiles. Alternatively, cut out 28 rectangles of craft foam, making them just slightly bigger than the printed tiles, then glue together. (Read more ...)

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Tiu-u (Fishing) This game of Chinese dominoes may sound complicated but is in fact very simple to play. The name СfishingТ comes from the idea that players СfishТ for matching dominoes. The game was originally played with bone or wood dominoes. You can either print out our dominoes or, for a more authentic set, use popsicle sticks and draw on the dots with black and red pens.
    If you are making wooden dominoes you will need 64 popsicle sticks and red and black permanent markers. Using our print-out as a guide draw the dots on to the sticks. Remember to make two sets.
    Shuffle the dominoes and deal them into 16 piles of 4 dominoes. Lay these piles face down on the table. Take 4 piles and lay these face up in the playing area between the two players.
    Each player then takes 3 piles of dominoes and looks at them. If they have a pair of 6Тs they put the pair in front of them.
    Player 1 then looks at the dominoes in the playing area. If they can make a pair with one of the dominoes in their hand they take that domino from the playing area, match it with the domino in their hand, and lay the two dominoes in front of them... (Read more ...)
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