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    Paper & Pencil Games on Unusual card game, in which cards are used for creating a playing field, on which blocks (markers) of players are moved. For playing, you should download images of cards, print the required number of cards and buy or make a usual small playing cube. Any number of players can participate in the game.
    A card game created according to the principle "print-n-play". All materials (cards, game rules, description, small playing cube) are presented in an electronic form, they are to be printed and then you can start playing. It is convenient – you need not buy anything for starting this game. Any number of players may participate in the game. All is defined by the number of cards and the size of a playing field. A score is kept during the game. All materials are included in a ZIP archive. The archive contains files in the following formats: .doc .pdf and .cdr Pdf is opened by Adobe Reader program, doc - by MS Word editor, cdr - by Corel Draw 11 program.

    You might have participated in such games, in which you move blocks along an artful road depending on the number of points shown on a playing cube thrown. You might have participated in card games. A card version of this game "OFLAMERON" resembles somehow both games - You should move your blocks (markers) along a road made of playing cards, depending on the number of points shown on a small playing cube thrown. During the game, you will have to estimate income and losses after each step and plan your strategy for achieving the maximal success. (Read more ...)

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A specific feature of a card version of this game is the fact that cards are placed in one line along the perimeter of a rectangular (in the simplest version), for example, along the perimeter of a table. The correlation of sides of a rectangular, a number of cards may be any (it is defined by the players themselves).
    In this game, a usual small playing cube with the value of 1-...-3 or 1-...-6 is used. After cards are placed, each player should place its marker on one of the cards (with which the game and the player's score start). The marker is any block - a coin, a button, etc. It is understood that it is worth choosing a card of the biggest face value at the beginning of the game. As this example shows, it will be the card [T]...
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