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    Paper & Pencil Games "HEX" on Hex was invented by the Danish mathematician Piet Hein, who introduced the game in 1942 at the Niels Bohr Institute. It was independently invented by mathematician John Nash in 1947 at Princeton University. In 1952, Parker Brothers marketed a version. They called their version Hex, and the name stuck. Hex has the simplest rules of almost any game: connect your color edges with a path of tokens of your color...
    There are a number of resources for Hex on the internet, including several real-time servers. If you want to play face-to-face, used Hex sets are occasionally available, and you can also make your own set. A Battlemat with 1" hexes can be cut into a 15x15 rhombus grid...

    Players take turns coloring in circles on the board, one circle per turn (or two corresponding half circles in a turn). Circles in the goal segments are not colored in by the players. Those circles are already colored in gray. Circles connected by an arc are considered adjacent. Half circles connected by an arc are considered to be part of the same circle.
    Each player attempts to connect his two opposite segments with a continuous line of colored in circles (in his designated color). In Figure 3 Black has won the game by connecting the two solid segments. In Figure 4 Black has won again. (Read more PDF ...)

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Feel free to copy, distribute, profit from, or do whatever you like with this document and the game of Box Hex. However please don’t change the name or the rules, and please attribute the game to me, Mark Steere. Other games I invented: Quadrature, Tanbo, Impasse, Byte, Diffusion, and Cephalopod.
    In Box Hex the shortest paths of connection travel around the outside of the board - not through the center. There are four such paths: two for each player. This solves the strong first move advantage problem of regular Hex, where you have only one shortest path, said path being shared by both players. There’s no need for the pie rule in Box Hex.
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